WordPress Product Upload Guide

wordpress product upload
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Are you the proud owner of an eCommerce WordPress site and ready to learn how to upload new products? Without further ado or any jibber-jabber, let’s get started!

On the Dashboard panel, let’s start navigating through the following path: Scroll down to Products > Add New

wp product upload 1

Step 1: Adding the product name and description

You can start by adding a Product name and description for your product. Ideally, writing a short paragraph would be good enough for your product description.

wp product upload 2
Add a new product

Step 2: Choosing the product type

Scroll down to the bottom part of the page, where you’ll see a Product Data box. Here you will set up the basic features of your product including product type, price, available stock, dimensions, attributes and stock management.

wp product upload 3
Setting up product data

First, you can choose what type of product you want to add. You can choose from Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate and Variable

wp product upload 4
Setting product type

Step 3: Adding the price

In the General settings, you can set the regular price for your product. Whether your product price is inclusive or exclusive of tax is dependent on what you have chosen in the tax settings.

wp product upload 5
Setting product price

If you select a Variable Product, which is a product that has variations of it such as colour, size, material, etc, then you go straight to ‘Inventory’ as the next step. You can choose to manage stock manually or not. It depends on your requirements and stock quantity.

wp product upload 5b
Setting up a variable product

Step 4: Product identifier and stock management

In the Inventory settings, you can set up a few options. You can assign an SKU for your product. SKU or Stock Keeping Unit is a unique identifier that you can assign to the product you are creating. You can enable stock management at product level by ticking the Manage stock? checkbox. You can edit the Stock status of the product as well. This will update whether your product is in stock or out of stock in the front-end of your store. Enable Sold individually check box to restrict buying this product more than once.

wp product upload 6
Inventory settings

Step 5: Add product category and tags

You can add and assign categories for your product in the Categories section on the right side of the screen. To create new categories, go to the Products menu on the left side of the screen and click on ‘Categories’ (see the second image). Here you’ll be able to create new categories for your products.

wp product upload 7
Product categories
wp product upload 7b
Add categories











Step 6: Add product images

You can add a featured image (Main product image), gallery images (additional product images) and tags from the respective sections. Tags are used to help group products together.

wp product upload 8
Adding product tags and images

If you want to edit existing product images and galleries, the options are available on the right-hand side as well when adding or editing a product in your store

wp product upload 9
Editing product images

The Product Image is the main image for your product and is reused in different sizes across your store. Select Set Product Image to add an image.

Select an existing image in your Media Library or Upload a new one. Remove and Edit the product image if you’d like to change it, as needed. Adding, removing and editing a product image is done in the same way as featured images for posts and pages

Product galleries display all images attached to a product through the Product Gallery meta box. Create a Product Gallery using the same method as adding a Product Image, but using the Product Gallery meta box.


Step 7: Publishing the product

The first three options in the Publish section look and operate similarly to a WordPress post editor. The last two options there, ‘Readability’ and ‘SEO’ are from the Yoast SEO plugin, and you will not have those 2 points there if you don’t have that plugin. So don’t worry if you don’t see them, it’s fine.

wp product upload 11
Publishing a product

There’s a feature in the Publish section that you have to pay attention to while organizing your product – Catalog Visibility

There are four options to choose from:

wp product upload 10
Setting Catalog visibility
  1. Shop and search – If you choose this option, your product will be displayed everywhere, including category pages, search results and shop pages.
  2. Shop only – Selecting this option will hide your product from search results. It’ll be visible only on category pages and shop pages.
  3. Search results only – This is the opposite of the shop option. A product will be visible in search results, but not on category pages or shop pages.
  4. Hidden – Choosing this option means the product can only be seen on the single product page; not on any other pages.

You can choose your preferred option and click the OK button. You can also tick the checkbox to make the product a Featured Product

After updating all the fields, you can click the publish button.

wp product upload 12
Publishing the product

And you’re done! Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to upload your own products. 😃


Editing existing products

To edit an existing product, go to Products > All Products under WooCommerce.

You’ll see the full list of all your uploaded products, hover the cursor over the product name you want to edit until you see a small menu pop-up. Click on ‘Edit’ to edit the product.

wp product edit
Editing a product

After that, you’ll get all the same options you do when adding a new product. So you can update the price, change the description, add a sale price, change the images, etc.

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