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wordpress product upload

WordPress Product Upload Guide

Are you the proud owner of an eCommerce WordPress site and ready to learn how to upload new products? Without further ado or any jibber-jabber, let's get started! On the Dashboard panel, let’s start navigating through the following path: Scroll down to Products > Add New Step 1: Adding the product name and description You can start by adding a Product name and description for your product. Ideally, writing a short paragraph would be good enough for your product description. Add a new product Step...

eat in seo

What does EAT mean in SEO?

There are a few terms and jargon in SEO that not many people understand. E-A-T is one of those terms. Common questions such as “How does EAT impact SEO?”, “What does E-A-T stand for?” and “What does E-A-T mean in SEO?” are all questions people want answers to. No, E-A-T has nothing to do with munching food. I know right, is it lunch break yet? All this talk about EAT can make the mind wander and the tummy rumble. Back to the...