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Website Maintenance & Support

As we all know well by now, a website is not something you build and then it just stays as is. There is a regular need to add content, replace content, update it, fix problems, and so forth. When website maintenance needs to be done or support is required, you can’t waste time getting quotes and finding suppliers. All website owners should have some basic support package in place. That’s why we’ve created affordable website maintenance packages to suit the needs for small and large websites.


Why choose our Website Support Packages?

No Lengthy Contracts

We keep it simple! Our retainers are month to month and don’t tie you in for lengthy periods.


Our monthly website support packages are the most affordable you’ll find anywhere!

We're Experts

Our team is skilled in all aspects of website maintenance and support. From design to virus removal.

Our Support Packages

Monthly SupportPrice
1 hr p/mR350 p/m
2 hrs p/mR680 p/m
3hrs p/mR990 p/m
4hrs p/mR1 260 p/m
5hrs p/mR1 530 p/m
6hrs p/mR1 800 p/m
10hrs p/mR2 900 p/m
15hrs p/mR4 200 p/m

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