Web Design Services in Cape Town

Professionally designed and great looking websites for businesses of all sizes and niches.

We design websites which are purpose-built for your business needs while also focusing on great style and functionality.

We design with your business in mind.

Beautiful & Functional

We’re business minded and just happen to be very good at creating beautiful websites! From small business websites to fully fledged e-commerce web design, we’ve not only got the experience of creating them but also running online businesses.

web design

1. Your Brief

We learn a little bit more about your idea or business and get your input on the creative brief of what the final product should be able to do and look like.

2. Create

We start the development and get your input as we go along to ensure we end with a product which is aligned to what you wanted and will impress your customers.

3. Launch

We’re all happy, we’re ready and your project goes live. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark, you still get 3 hours free support after launch!

4. Training After Launch!

Once the project is complete and your approved new website is live, it’s time to learn how to maintain it! We’ll provide you with resources on the backend of your website to learn to make simple updates/changes.

Why use WordPress and SEO Optimization

Why use WordPress for your website?

We use WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder, as the platform for our builds because it is responsive, reliable, easy to work with, has plenty of theme options and is SEO-ready! Due to the extensive amount of plugins, themes, widgets, and coding available for WordPress, we can create a personalized and SEO optimized site for any kind of business.

Creating user-friendly websites which are mobile-friendly and ready for SEO optimization is our specialty!

Features of WordPress Websites:

  • Responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fast-loading time
  • Customizable themes
  • SEO optimization
  • Many plugin & widget options
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

Designed with SEO in mind

A website without thorough Search Engine Optimization is like having a billboard in the desert.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the site is, without people to see it, it’s pointless. We develop your site with SEO in mind and research keywords related to the company’s services and region of operation. Good research and SEO practices will assist with ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We offer affordable, responsive Web Design in Cape Town with SEO in mind. Improve business growth, sales, and boost SEO through our website design service in Cape Town and worldwide.

Web Design or Web Development: What’s the difference?

Web Design refers to the design of the visual look of the website such as the visual appearance, colour scheme, layout, and usability.

Web Development refers to the backend technical structure of the site. The web developers are responsible for getting the coding, functionality and core structure of the site built and maintained.

Website content

One of the most important factors of having a unique website is original content. Website content refers to images and text that will be used on your site. Some clients do not have any original images or company-related images, but don’t worry – that’s why we offer the option to select up to 10 stock images to use for your site – on us!

e-Commerce Web Development

Are you a business looking to get greater exposure and start selling your goods & services online? If so, then an e-commerce website is exactly what you need!
We offer fully integrated e-commerce web design by people who run an e-commerce business. We have first-hand experience with creating and running a WordPress eCommerce store.

Features of E-Commerce Website:

  • Start selling physical, digital or virtual products and services in almost no time.
  • Start taking payment immediately
  • Customizable products, sales, discounts etc.
  • Additional plugins for further functionality
  • Various payment option integrations
  • Easy to manage & update

The Website Design & Development Process

Our team is passionate about the sites we build. You can review our work and see a few examples of our happy clients. We assign a dedicated project manager to each project. The project manager will keep you updated; contact you regarding questions, content requirements, reviews and more.

We go the extra mile for our clients and will always be ready to assist you in the best way we can for all your website needs.

  1. The website brief

The first step is to contact us with a brief summary of your requirements.  From there, we’ll send a short website brief form for you to fill in which helps us further refine the project scope.  We then send you a quote and once accepted, a 50% deposit is payable.

  1. Project is underway

Hooray! The project is ready to begin and the creative process starts. We keep you updated and get your input so that we are all on the same page.

  1. First review

After the basis of the website layout & structure is created, we’ll ask for your first review. The first review is to get your approval of the site’s main layout and theme so that we have the structure in place and can move forward with adding the good stuff; the site content.

  1. Changes & adjustment

After the first review, we make the requested changes, adjustments and start adding in your content.

  1. Second Review & Changes

Once the site layout and theme is finalized and all the content has been added, we request your second and last review. This review must include all final change requests and finishing touches.

  1. Ready to go live!

Finally, we are ready to go live!

Once we’re all happy, the final review changes have been accepted and all is good to go, we’re ready to launch. Once we have gone live, we thoroughly check through the whole site again and ensure nothing breaks. We offer 3 hours free support after launch, just in case you run into any issues.

Get in Touch with Digital Consulting for your website design and let us help you grow your brand online.

We ask 50% of the web design cost upfront and then 50% upon completion or within 90 days, whichever is sooner.

Designing your site and making sure your site is found in Google searches are two different services.  To rank well in Google search results requires and on-going SEO service.  We offer this service to many of our clients with great success.  To learn more about our SEO services, see here.

With our web design, we will design your website in WordPress.  This means we make changes to the layout, look and feel of the website.  We will also source imagery for your website (the quantity is dependent on the site required and costs).  We are dependent on you for the written content of the website.  To get a comprehensive idea of what is included and excluded in the website design, please contact us and tell us about your requirements.

You do not need to take hosting with us although we do provide a hosting service.  We encourage clients to take hosting with us because we use high end, fast servers which will benefit your website’s user experience and thus your Google Ranking.  You can see our monthly hosting pricing here.

We encourage all our clients to take a monthly support retainer, which can be as little as R500 per month.  This is because website inevitably with require a bit of work or updates every so often.  Besides that, the only other monthly cost is your website hosting fees which you pay to your hosting provider.

First thing to do is to contact us with a brief summary of your requirements.  From there, we have a short website brief form for you to complete which helps us further refine the project.  We then send you a quote and upon acceptance, a 50% deposit is payable.

Generally speaking, a 4-6 page business website takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks, depending on how ready you are with your written content.  E-commerce web design takes about 4-8 weeks; also again, depending on how ready you are with your product and company information.  A website redesign can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the scale of the redesign.

Prices can vary greatly depending on your requirements, but you can see our Pricing page here to get a good indication of the website design costs.

Yes! We offer website redesign as well. The cost will depend on the amount of work to be done, if any additional pages or functionality is required and if any new themes or plugins need to be purchased. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll send you a quote.

Get a Web Design Quote

    Our Design SLA

    • Lead time: Depending on the nature of the project, we aim to present the first draft for review within 2-7 days after brief approval and first payment. Lead time depends on factors such as client response time or anything else that hinders the progress.
    A Rough Guideline of lead time:
    – Standard website design: 3 weeks – 2 months
    – ECommerce website design: 6 weeks – 3 months
    – One-page website design: 7 days – 4 weeks
    – Website redesign: 7 days – 4 weeks (Depending on the complexity of the design)
    – Single page design: 3 days – 2 weeks
    – Logo design: 3-7 days
    – Business card design: 3-7 days
    – Email Signatures: 1-3 days

    • Work will not be started until the first deposit is made, and the client has agreed to and approved the brief.
    • Digital Consulting will not start or continue a project without review and approval from the client.
    • We, Digital Consulting, strongly believe in clear communication and collaboration with our clients, and shall not proceed without first discussing the client’s vision and requirements. This must be done with written confirmation, not via call.
    • Please note that after 90 days of your first deposit, the remaining deposit amount will be due, irrespective of any delays which have occurred.
    • Please note that should the project not be completed within 6 months from the start date, we reserve the right to increase the project costs.
    • You, the client, are responsible for ensuring that all written content you provide is accurate as we’ll copy and paste the text provided. If you require content writing services to be done it must be stated during the quoting phase.
    • Any additional work or changes that fall outside of the approved brief will incur additional charges.
    • If you require a website redesign from a non-WordPress site to WordPress, the lead time will be a bit longer depending on the complexity & requirements
    • We will send you frequent updates to keep you informed of the progress of the project.
    • If at any time during the design you request a plugin for a certain feature, you are responsible for the payment of the plugin(s).
    • Upon website completion, we hand over the site backend logins and basic resources to help you learn to manage your new website. You’ll get 3 hours of support free of charge should anything go wrong, or you need assistance.