5 Creative Ways to Use a Landing Page

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Did you know that there is more than one use for a landing page? A website landing page design is a great way to boost your website without creating a whole new redesign. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve probably seen a landing page before. I know that sounds like an obvious statement, but it really is true. Landing pages are everywhere. They’re used for anything from promoting a new product to collecting email addresses for marketing campaigns. But what if there were more creative ways to use them?

1. Host a webinar

If you’re looking for a way to build your audience and promote a product or service, hosting a webinar may be the answer. A webinar is essentially a live online event where you can share ideas with people around the world.

It’s important that you have something valuable to share with your audience; otherwise, they won’t sign up for it! If there aren’t any incentives (like freebies), most people won’t bother showing up at all. If your service offering is skills and you teach classes, then webinars are a great way to expand your reach. A dedicated page for this event is useful for easy link-sharing.

2. Share an e-book

You can use a landing page to promote your e-book or share an e-book that is relevant to your business. This way, people who visit your landing page will get to know more about the offer, and they’ll be encouraged to click on the link in order to learn more.

Include the following elements on this section of your landing page:

  • A brief description of what the offer is all about
  • A link directly to where people can purchase/download it (you can use this same link in social media posts)
  • A call-to-action button (such as “Get My Free E-Book Now”)

3. Do a survey with an incentive

Surveys are a great way to gather information about your target audience, and they can also be used to learn more about your product or service. You can use surveys as a way of gathering feedback on how you’re doing as a business, and then make changes based on what people say.

You could also use this method for marketing purposes–for example, if you have an eBook about marketing strategies for small businesses, you could send out an email inviting people who’ve visited your landing page but not converted into leads yet (i.e., those who didn’t fill out their contact details) to take part in a short survey about themselves so that you can tailor future messages accordingly.

landing page design4. Run a contest or giveaway

When you run a contest or giveaway, it’s not just about the prize. It’s also about giving people something to do and making them more engaged with your brand.

  • Run a contest or giveaway with prizes that are relevant to your business. If you sell dog food, for example, one of the best prizes could be a gift card for dog daycare or boarding.
  • Give people an incentive to visit your website by offering something in exchange for their email address (or other information). You’ll then have access to these leads so that you can send them messages later on when there’s new content available on the site like blog posts or educational videos related specifically towards those interests!

5. Create a “coming soon” page

You can use a landing page to create anticipation for a new product or course launch. This is especially useful if you’re offering something that people have never seen before, or if it’s something that might be hard for them to get their hands on otherwise.

  • Collect email addresses: If you want people to sign up for updates about your upcoming launch, it’s best not to ask them directly in an email message. Instead, send them somewhere else where they’ll be more likely to opt in–like a dedicated landing page where there’s no other option but signing up!
  • Give sneak peeks of what they will learn: If there are certain things about your product or course that makes you stand out from the rest, then this is an excellent opportunity for targeting specific audiences with different content based on their interests and needs. You could also include embedded videos from previous launches so potential customers can see what they would gain access too once purchased. A landing page for a new launch is a great way to create hype and excitement. Keep customers interested by promising sneak peeks and updates via email — this way, they can’t forget about you by the time the product or course has launched. 😉


I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this article. A good website landing page design can be a powerful tool to drive traffic and conversions, but it’s only as good as the content on it. Use these tips to make sure that your landing page is engaging and offers something valuable to your audience.

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