Website vs. App for Business

website vs app for business
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These days, many businesses are developing apps for their customers. Do you know the pros and cons of a website vs. app for business? For a quick breakdown, a website is a collection of web pages and content. A website can be anything from a single HTML page to a large, complex site with many sections, forms, images and resources. An app is an application that runs on a device such as a computer, phone or tablet.

Business App

Your company website is the digital storefront of your business, but an app can transform it into a fully-fledged marketplace. Mobile apps for business are very beneficial for ease of access to buy products, check out new services, and get instant updates on special offers. Plus, apps are more suited for purchasing items that require a lot of information about their users (like medical information or credit card information) because they provide added security measures.

Apps are a great way to utilize reward/loyalty programs, have direct communication with customers, offer app exclusive discounts and more.

Business Website

A website is the most diverse and adaptable of all platforms. It can be updated, redesigned, and linked anywhere with just a few clicks. Best of all, it’s easy to use for any kind of business—no matter how complicated your product or service may be.

A website can also offer a number of features that make it ideal for certain types of businesses. If you’re looking for an online presence that requires little maintenance but still provides enough functionality to build brand awareness and generate leads, then websites are your best bet.

Cost of Building & Design

So what does all of this mean for you? Let’s consider the costs associated with each option.

website app development

  • Building a website can cost anywhere between R3,500 – R60,000. The cost of building an app is highly dependent on which devices it’s for, the functions required and more.
  • Depending on the complexity of the app or website required, the costs will be calculated based on the resources. For example, if your website needs custom functionality for a particular feature, it’ll cost more than just a basic website design due to the cost of custom coding. The same applies to an app, if a senior advanced developer is required to do custom code, it’ll be more expensive.
  • Generally speaking, a basic website will be cheaper than an app as website developers, such as ourselves, can use ready-to-install premium WordPress themes which reduces development time and resources.

Cost of Maintenance

  • A big misconception about websites is that you can get them designed and then it can be left as is. The reality is that all websites should get monthly maintenance. This means plugins, themes, and the WordPress version should be kept up to date. If you leave plugins outdated, over time they’ll stop working the way they’re supposed to. To someone who is none the wiser, the website is then broken and they think they need a whole new website which costs thousands more. Our website maintenance packages are affordable and can be adjusted to your needs.
  • Apps are typically easier than websites because they don’t require as much maintenance or updating. If you need new features added or perhaps existing functions updated frequently, it may be quite costly.

Accessibility: Website vs. App

Although an app may be a quick, easy-to-use solution for selling products, creating customer benefits, etc. it may not be accessible to every country. Due to the different user policies and personal information policies worldwide, your app may not be accessible to everyone.

A website, on the other hand, is accessible worldwide. With the help of cookie notices and privacy policy links, businesses can rest assured that their products and services are available to their target audience no matter the region, as long as their website is compliant.

website global network

Solution: It’s important to have a functional company website as well as an app

If you don’t have the funds for both, start with your company website. A website is more accessible to people and it has a wider reach than just being on mobile devices. A website will let you share information about your business, send out updates, and inform customers about new products or events quickly and easily.

Apps are more expensive than websites because there is more work involved in creating them (which involves hiring designers/developers) but they’re also worth it.


In the end, it’s up to you to decide which way is best for your company. Both can be beneficial if you have an eCommerce business, but we do suggest you get a website first. You don’t want either option to be neglected because of not having enough resources or money.

Websites are more accessible worldwide and easier to maintain, whereas apps are better for targeted marketing and offering customer benefits.

If you’re ready to get your website designed or redesigned, reach out to us at Digital Consulting! We’d love to hear from you and kickstart your project.

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