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How to Get Reviews For Your Business

How to Get Reviews For Your Business

Have you been scratching your head wondering how to get reviews for your business? In the digital marketplace, customer reviews are the cornerstone of a business's reputation. They can elevate your brand to new heights or challenge your credibility. In the real world, people spread their opinions about a company through word-of-mouth; in the digital realm, your online business reviews are like that word-of-mouth feedback. People tend to trust businesses and companies they read and hear good things about. In this...


What is a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website?

With the evolution of Smartphones, a mobile-friendly website is not just a want, it's a must! If your website lacks resolution and compatibility with your visitor’s mobile devices, you’re in trouble of losing some potential leads. It is also impractical to consider that the same website version on a PC, where resolutions are much higher, will be equally responsive to a smaller touchscreen device! That being said, over the years many themes have adapted to become responsive to various screen resolutions. People...


10 Useful Tips for Starting an Online Store

These days more and more people are trying to explore the digital realm for business opportunities, and hence online stores are becoming more common than brick and mortar stores. You may think that starting an online store is a lot easier and more profitable than establishing a physical storefront. You don’t have to worry about paying monthly rent and utility bills on top of investing in the products you are going to sell, plus you can reach millions of people globally...