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What are Backlinks, Internal Links, and External Links?

Backlinks, internal links, and external links are all a part of the internet's infrastructure. The term "backlink" refers to websites that link to yours. Internal links refer to pages on your own site that lead to other parts of your site. External links refer to sites that aren't yours but contain information related to your company or topic area. This article will explain what these terms mean and how they help you grow your website in organic search results. Backlinks Backlinks are...

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Is Link Building Still Important for SEO?

After a couple of years of having a website and keeping up with SEO strategies, you are probably starting to wonder how many of these factors begin to go stale over time, or do not work as well as they used to when you started your SEO journey. Let me remind you that the importance of these factors alternate a lot. Especially if it’s the Google front page you’re focusing on ranking on - that’s because Google changes their algorithm,...