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Can You Stop Your SEO After a Few Months?

There are a lot of questions and doubts about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How long does it take to see results? How much does it cost? Is SEO worth it? What is SEO exactly? And so on and so on. But one of the most commonly asked questions surrounding SEO, is in fact, “Can you stop SEO after a few months?” To get a better understanding of this question, let’s take a look at why SEO is important. Search engine optimization,...

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What affects your ranking on Google?

There are said to be over 200 factors that all play a part in your Google ranking. We do not know what all these factors are because Google keeps it a secret, but we can determine some common factors that definitely help determine what affects your ranking on Google. Unfortunately, there are no top 5 specific factors that determine your website's success or ranking. These 200+ factors change all the time, so bear in mind there is no quick ranking method....