All our content is written and personally checked in-house. We use advanced plagiarism detection tools to ensure each piece is unique and free from duplication. Protecting your brand’s integrity and reputation is of utmost importance to us.
Yes we do! We will present 2-3 options depending on the blog article length. If you have specific brand imagery or media you’d like us to use, we’re more than happy to incorporate them.
Generally, we offer 1 blog per month as it fits well with monthly SEO. However, this is not a fixed standard and we are open to working with your needs.
Absolutely! We value your feedback and believe in a collaborative approach. Before finalizing any post, we provide drafts for your review and incorporate any edits or suggestions you might have.
Yes! We always ensure content is SEO-friendly. If you want us to upload and publish your blogs, we'll integrate targeted keywords, optimize meta tags, and ensure content structure follows SEO best practices. Our aim is to create content that not only resonates with your audience but also ranks high on search engines. Original, high-quality content is an important factor of SEO. The more content you have out there, the higher the chance people will land on your page, thus bringing in more traffic.
We cover a wide range of topics tailored to your industry and target audience. Depending on your preference, you can tell us what topics you have in mind or we'll provide suggestions. We conduct thorough research to ensure our content is relevant, engaging, and aligned with your brand’s messaging.