Website Design Scope Agreement

Please make sure to read the below before accepting:


  • We will require all written text to be in one MS Word document.  The document should consist of various sections which clearly indicate to us the various sections of the site.  This is to be copied into the shared folder we have specified in your Website Brief.
  • Text information will be copied and pasted from the MS Word document provided and will not be edited so please ensure accuracy in the document.
  • If you require us to place images which you provide onto the website, please place such images in the shared drive link (provided in the Website Brief).  Please only supply images you wish us to use, no additional images.
  • If we are to provide stock images for the site, we will use up to a maximum of 10 stock photography images (unless otherwise agrees).  Additional images will incur an additional cost but we will always confirm with you before entering into additional costs.
  • Each page we design will be allowed 2 reviews and changes.  For example, we present a page for your approval and you request for some changes to be made to it (1st review and changes). We then present the update page to you again and you request further changes (2nd and final round of changes).  Additional changes after 2 reviews may incur additional charge so please ensure to be thorough in your reviews so that all changes on a page are mentioned.
  • Please note that after 90 days of your first deposit, the remaining deposit amount will be due, irrespective of any delays which have occurred.
  • The above information forms the entirety of the project.  No other information, even if confirmed in email will fall within the scope of this project so please ensure that ALL required information pertaining to your project is mentioned above.
  • Work required falling outside the scope of this project may incur additional charges.
  • Please note that the website is created with premium WordPress themes and plugins and although these themes and plugins provide a wide variety of design variability, they are not limitless.  Meaning that some design requests may not be possible as they do not fall within the parameters of the software used.
  • Coding or other means used to achieve design of functionality requirements outside the possibilities of general theme and plugin settings may incur additional costs.