Great Looking Web Design Services

Not only are our sites beautifully designed but they’re purpose built for your business needs

Beautiful & Functional

We’re business minded and just happen to be very good at creating beautiful websites! From small business web sites to fully fledged e-commerce web design, we’ve not only got the experience of creating them but also running online businesses.

wordpress web design

we design with your business in mind


We learn a little bit more about your idea or business and get your input on the creative brief of what the final product should be able to do and look like.


We start the development and get your input as we go along to ensure we end with a product which is aligned to what you wanted and will impress your customers


We’re all happy, we’re ready and your project goes live. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark, you still get 3 hours free support after launch!

seo web design

Designed with SEO in mind

A website without thorough Search Engine Optimization is like having a billboard in the desert.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the site is, without people to see it, it’s pointless.  We develop your site with SEO in mind and research keywords related to the company’s services and region of operation.  Good research and SEO practices will assist with ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Web Design

 Fully integrated e-commerce web design by people who run an e-commerce business.

ecommerce web design

Fully Integrated

Start selling physical, digital or virtual products and services in almost no time.

Website Design FAQs

We ask 50% of the web design cost upfront and then 50% upon completion or within 90 days, whichever is sooner.

Designing your site and making sure your site is found in Google searches are two different services.  To rank well in Google search results requires and on-going SEO service.  We offer this service to many of our clients with great success.  To learn more about our SEO services, see here.

With our web design, we will design your website in WordPress.  This means we make changes to the layout, look and feel of the website.  We will also source imagery for your website (the quantity is dependent on the site required and costs).  We are dependent on you for the written content of the website.  To get a comprehensive idea of what is included and excluded in the website design, please contact us and tell us about your requirements.

You do not need to take hosting with us although we do provide a hosting service.  We encourage clients to take hosting with us because we use high end, fast servers which will benefit your website’s user experience and thus your Google Ranking.  You can see our monthly hosting pricing here.

We encourage all our clients to take a monthly support retainer, which can be as little as R149 per month.  This is because website inevitably with require a bit of work or updates every so often.  Besides that, the only other monthly cost is your website hosting fees which you pay to your hosting provider.

First thing to do is to contact us with a brief summary of your requirements.  From there, we have a short website brief form for you to complete which helps us further refine the project.  We then send you a quote and upon acceptance, a 50% deposit is payable.

Generally speaking, a 4-6 page business website takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks, depending on how ready you are with your written content.  E-commerce web design takes about 4-8 weeks, also again depending on how ready you are with your product and company information.  A website redesign can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the scale of the redesign.

Prices can vary greatly depending on your requirements, but you can see our Pricing page here to get a good indication of the website design costs.

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